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1929 Ford Model A 2 Door
El Cajon, CA, 92020


Engine: 388
Mileage: 247
Transmission: Auto
Drive Type: RWD
Exterior: Rose Beige
Interior: Dark Brown


The body of this 1929 ford was never built by the ford motor company.
Ford did not build a 2 door boy until late 1931, that model was in production for appoximatley 6 months, it ended for lack of public interest.
The body was built panels were made from parts of original model a pby Carl and Tim Case, as a father son project. Carl and Tim spent several hours desinging and building this unique one of a kind body. Our goal was to make it appear as if for had made it, and we hot rodded it.
We used as many original ford parts as was practical to achieve our goal. All the steel parts are new metal except for the quarter panels and the gas tank.
The rear doors were removed, the front doors were hand made, and streched 4 inches, the quarter panels were made from parts off of original model a phaeton bodies.
The windsheild and top bows were chopped 2 inches and it is a working folding top.
The front seats are from a 1929, 2 door sedan.
Th body sits on a BROOKVILLE 32 Ford frame built for model A's .
The car has drum brakes , 4" dropped axel, A 383 cu. Chevy motor, with EDELBROCK aluminum heads, matching cam and roller lifters. The transmission is a turbo 400, followed by a 9 inch ford rear end. It has a 2.5 inch exhaust system with duel electric cut outs.
The wiring in the engine compartment is ols school cloth appearing period wires. The original gas tank is used, the speedometer is an original model A converted to be used with this transmission. The oil and temperature gages are mounted in a era assessory cloumn bracket.