69 CI327 - 1
69 CI327 - 2
69 CI327 - 3
69 CI327 - 4

1969 Chevrolet Impala 327
Feeding Hills, MA, 01030


VIN #: 1646792097957
Mileage: 75000
Engine: V8
Transmission: Auto
Drive Type: RWD
Condition: Good
Exterior: Corvette yellow
Interior: Black


My wife purchased this car along with her first husband back in 1972 from a person that bought the car for traveling back-n-forth to Florida. A larger fuel tank came with the car for this purpose. The car is nearly all original equipment, and over the years any rust on the quarter panels and below the door was remedied by new panels. The car is a coupe convertible with a glass rear window. The top still works and the car is in driving condition. Power steering and standard brakes.