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1970 Porsche 914-6 Mitcom Conversion 916 GT
Rosebud, TX, 76570


VIN #: 9140430898
Mileage: 147923
Engine: 6 cyl.
Transmission: Manual
Drive Type: RWD
Condition: Excellent
Exterior: silver
Interior: charcoal


Left factory as a 1970 Porsche 914-6. I purchased the car in 1977 in San Diego from Carbon Dubbs sports cars on Midway drive. Have that bill of Sale. Car was silver and came with the mitcom conversion (Fiberglass) to a 916 - GT. It came with the original motor, verified by a Porsche COA. It had been boosted to a 2.4 with the addition of larger cylinders. October 27, 1983 purchased a 911-t 2.0 motor, rebuilt it and installed in car. Back to what it was from factory. Still have both motors, 2.4 with correct numbers is in op, but goes with purchase. The current motor runs great. Shortly thereafter Black Forest Porsche took over maintenance of the car. Car was re painted and re upholstered in 2004. Moved to my heated and air conditioned hangar in Oregon on the North Umpqua River at Glide, Oregon . Lived withmy biplanes, 1941 Beechcraft Stagger wing, Stardusters, etc. Mainly stored. I built a forklift rack for it and put it on a shelf 10 feet off the ground along with my other collectables. Simple procedure to lift it off with forklift, drop a battery in it and away we go. It REALLY cut down on people messing with the car. In sight, but out of touch. 2016 at Black Forest Porsche it went through a major tweaking and replaced all parts in question (Inspected fuel lines, were fine, but changed all the hangers/ support brackets for new). Rebuilt shifter linkage with new parts. Flushed and changed ALL fluids (Oils and brakes). There was an issue with the weep holes being plugged under the doors causing damage. Both sides replaced by a reputable shop. An extensive and time consuming operation.

Triple throat Webbers purr like a kitten because the car is stored with 5 gallons on High Octane Aviation Fuel! NO Alcohol, NO VARNISHING when it evaporates.. Fill it up with Chevron Premium Gas to run. You can still by NON Alcohol Gas in Oregon and Oklahoma. At 71, getting in and out plus no Air conditioning its time for an "Old Mans Ride". Looking at 2009 or newer MZB SL600 with the folding top. Needs to be color other than Black and have a light colored interior as a partial trade.

Just hauled it to Texas in an enclosed trailer and it is locked up in a "conditioned hanger" with planes and other interesting stuff.