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1976 Chevrolet Corvette L48 Stingray

Omaha, Nebraska, 68135


VIN #: 1Z37L6S417331
Engine: 8 cyl.
Mileage: 80,246
Transmission: Auto
Drive Type: RWD
Condition: Excellent
Exterior: Bright Blue
Interior: White Leather


30 years... I have owned this special Corvette since 1987. I am the 3rd owner. As I recall, the original owner was a business man from Council Bluffs, Iowa. Not long after he purchased it, someone spray painted portions of one side of the car. It was thought to be a disgruntled employee. He had the side of the car repainted and decided to sell it. I am not sure, but I believe he owned it for less than a year. I have paperwork that shows the name of this original owner.

The second owner was from Papillion, Nebraska. He was a “Shriner”. The Shriner organization is made up of people who raise money for hospitals that allow very sick children to receive free medical care. These “Shriners” often participate in local parades with identical specialty cars. This Corvette was used for that purpose. After nearly 10 years of ownership, with the special Shriner emblem still on the rear bumper, this owner decided to sell this Corvette. It had just over 40,000 miles on it by this time. He had taken excellent care of the car, but had replaced the original Rally Sport Wheels with Turbo Mag wheels. Everything else was 100% original.

My purchase… I grew up on a farm near Omaha, NE. I saved and saved from little on with the hope of being able to purchase a Corvette. My dad was not crazy about the idea, but knew how long I had saved and agreed to help me find and purchase a good one. He was very good at searching ads and finding high quality used vehicles. We looked at many cars. When he found this one, he knew it was the one. It was near perfect.

Part of the family… I was taught that things are just that, things. And this Corvette is just that, a thing. But, it has been very well cared for. I have put approximately 1500 miles per year, each year for the past 30 years. It was at my wedding, anniversaries, my sons' proms and homecomings, weekend trips and many other fun events.

Maintenance and Upkeep… Breaks, belts, hoses, filters, oil changes shocks, batteries and tires of course. It has had a couple major tune-ups, a new radiator, water pump, U-Joint, AC Compressor, a speedometer and clock. It drives me crazy if any little thing isn't working correctly, so I have always kept everything working – like even the factory alarm system!

Restoration and Upkeep… It has always been stored indoors, but in 2002 I had it repainted to eliminate some minor “spider web” cracks and some minor paint dings. At this time, I also replaced the dash that had a minor crack in it, replaced the door panels and the leather seats. I invested approximately $10,000 in this restoration.

Enhancements… Nearly every aspect of this Corvette is factory original. My goal was to keep the car exactly how it was the day it was purchased. I did, however, make 4 enhancements that were carefully thought out. Most Corvette enthusiasts I have spoken with concur that these changes are truly enhancements. I will let you, the reader / viewer determine if you agree. Any of these enhancements could be changed back for minimal investment if desired.