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77 LV - 4

1977 Lincoln Versailles
Dallas, TX, 75220


Mileage: 25000
Engine: V8
Transmission: Auto
Drive Type: RWD
Exterior: Cream
Interior: Saddle Tan


1977 Versailles Limo, stretched two places: 24" behind driver and 12" behind rear doors for 36" total.

Features power divider window, both rear seat moved back and roof line extended 12", with lots of  vanity mirrors, lights, storage, grab bars, and posh

carpeting. Jump seats fold away for extra luggage space or overnight bag. Cabinet between jump seats has places for decanters and picnic supplies, face opens down for table top, interior  has space for ice

chest, blankets, TV, other essentials. Two AM/FM radios, front and rear, permit addition of CD players.

Mechanicals: 351 engine and C-4 trans, oversize alternator, o'size interstate battery (about 2 y/o), o'size  WW tires (about 2 y/o) mounted on alloy wheels, also full-size spare on alloy wheel, also original

inflatable factory spare and jack, plus custom-made full-length car cover.  There is "beefed-up"  heavy duty suspension.  All electrics  working.  Mileage 25,086 on 11/4/17