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1930 Ford Phaeton Project Car
Put-in-Bay, OH, 46456


Engine: 4 cyl.
Transmission: Manual
Drive Type: RWD
Exterior: Primer
Interior: Needs Finished


Ford 1930 phaeton, partially, lovingly restored, many parts on hand to finish.

Engine - rebuilt professionally
Transmission - rebuilt by me
Rear end - I was told it was rebuilt professionally - has held oil for 16 years with no leaks
Brakes - new cast iron drums, new rods, new lining, etc. by me
Fromt end - rebuilt by me
Hood - new lines up good with cowl & radiator cover
Cowl - new
Front fenders are new with wheel wells installed by me
Running boards sheilds & noise piece are new

Some used parts I have:

Light bar
2 Head lights
Cowl band
Radiator cover
W/S frame, painted
2 spare wheels
Rear bumper brackets

Some new parts I have:

Top irons A4305 G
Radiator Apron A115B
Body wood AWD1289
W/S Stanchions A37138BM
Ram Horns A1310B
Top saddles T3876P
Many other small parts

Some of the parts I DO NOT have:
Right rear fender
Front bumper brackets