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1958 Chevrolet Impala
Clinton, NY, 13323


VIN #: F58K172405
Engine: V8
Transmission: Auto
Drive Type: RWD
Condition: Mint
Exterior: White
Interior: Blue


1958 Chevrolet Impala. Well I could go into a long drawn out description of how wicked the 58 Impala was when it first came out but if your heavy into shopping for one of these then you already know everything I could tell you already. What you don't know at this point is that I own one of the very best examples of this car ever produced !! Please watch my you tube video on this car. I explain quite a bit about the car in my video being that its almost 15 minutes long. I purchased this car from the state of Colorado about a year ago while out in that area buying a 97 Riviera. It was in the rear part of a warehouse sitting there on 4 flats with the original tires from 1958 stacked next to it and a bunch of old NOS parts in a box in the trunk. It had a layer of dirt on it with the original plastic still on the seats and I fell deeply in love, especially when I opened the hood and saw that it had the 348 cubic inch V-8 under there !!!! Didn't take me long to realize without even talking with anyone that I was looking at an all original unmolested 58 Impala coupe in my favorite color !!!! Took a few months and I did a partial trade of a 2002 Thunderbird towards its purchase. As you can see in one of my photos it still has the original inspection sticker in the window from 1977, the last time it was actively doing road duty. Cleaned up, paint buffed out, new non ethanol gas, complete tune up and about 300 miles under my belt have made me absolutely convinced I have one of the very best 58 Impala coupes out there. It drives like an absolute dream with no odd noises or anything. 40,900 original miles on the car from 1958 till 1977 when it was stored away until I got it. I removed the second set of bias tires that were installed in 1966 and put on a brand new set of BF Goodrich Radial T/A's. Hard to believe but the original tires that came on the car, the ones I just talked about from 1966 were holding air just fine and going down the road. They will of course come with the car along with the original hubcaps and all the other NOS parts that came with it. I cannot imagine someone not being pleased with this car. Not only is it rare and a work of art, but its a real pleasure to drive and just enjoy the feel of the perfect cockpit and everything that goes along with driving down the road in a car of this caliber and prestige. I will consider all interesting trades. I live in Clinton NY 13323. I welcome and encourage all visits to come and look, drive the car. It is clean and ready to go. I've owned and sold about 572 cars as a classic car dealer in the last 20 years. As I said in my video. This car I can certainly rank as one of the top 5 best cars I've ever put up for sale. I certainly hope it goes to a loving home. My website is as follows: www.supersportmotors.com to view 200 additional photos, information and a video. Please call me at 315-853-1967 and leave a message if I do not answer. I will not return text messages