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1965 Dodge Dart Pro Street
Lakeland, FL, 33810


Engine: V8
Drive Type: RWD
Exterior: Black
Interior: Grey


"As of this year, I have owned this car for 48 years. It was purchased from Orlando Dodge in 1972, I was the second owner. Car originally had a 225 slant six, three speed column shift, add on A/C, 13” wheels and was baby blue. After a few years as my work vehicle, I acquired a 1970 Dart that was wrecked. I swapped the driveline from the 70 into the 65. 318, 904 and 83/4. As things wore out or broke, I replaced them with the best I could afford at the time. Over time, I modified the car into a bracket ET car and raced it for 18 years in Orlando and then Bradenton. Best ET was 12.33 at 115 MPH with a more modified 318 and higher stall converter and 4.56 gears. In 1994 I decided that was enough and transformed the car into a Pro Street show car, still maintaining most of the high performance parts I used while racing, but I did de-tune it a bit to make it more drivable on the street. Over the years since, I have upgraded many aspects of the car.

The Dart is not perfect and I will admit to some short cuts, but mechanically it is very sound.

The garage is full of trophies, but my most proud achievement was to have had the Dart published in the June 1998 issue of Mopar Muscle magazine. (Copy under the seat).

My wish is that you continue to show the car, but drive it hard along the way. It goes best in a straight line and does not corner well, especially with those thin front tires.

So take care of her and drive defensive. "

Sale also includes an additional 318 short block in a rolling rack. I also am providing an additional hood with mounted and painted six pack hood scoop. Also, there are another set of front fenders, front bumper, grill, headlight bezels and valance. Also have another set of rear tail lights. All of this included in the sale.