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1966 Land Rover
Knoxville, TN, 37920


Mileage: 75,000
Engine: 4 cyl.
Transmission: Manual
Drive Type: 4x4
Condition: Excellent
Exterior: Green
Interior: Black


1966 Land Rover EXMOD 109

This is the history I have been told about its' past. She served from 1966-1986 as a radio truck for the British Ministry of Defense in Germany. In 1976 the engine was rebuilt by the military. Once retired from service, she was then sold to a winery in Virginia. She worked as a farm truck there until 1994 when she was shipped up to Fletcher Vermont for restoration. Well I ended up buying this wonderful machine and have had it since. I ran it mostly as my daily driver. Then in 1996 we completed a full off of the frame restoration. We then moved to Virginia where it stayed my primary driver (now much nicer to drive). We then moved to Tennessee and she became mostly a work truck and not my everyday transport.

My son and I began a second round of restoration on her in 2018. It had been 22 years since the first restoration and a lot needed to be done. We took our time and again relied on both Rovers North for all of the parts and advice. It is now completed and in beautiful shape.

Unfortunately, as I am turning 60 and developing arthritis in my shoulders and hips it is hard to drive so she needs someone else who will enjoy her.

There was the history now to the details:

Things I love about this truck…

It is a long wheel base pickup.
It was one of the last years before they went to a plastic dash and grill.
Being military, it has upgrades like axel guards, roll bar, hand throttle, sprung for 1 ton with lift shackles, overrider on front bumper and push plates on the back, military oil cooler taking it up to 8 quarts.
It has an overdrive that is absolutely quiet. I have no idea what sorcery was used but it makes no noise when engaged. I have run synthetics in it and the differentials since I have had it.
Installed a high-performance head in it in 2000. Helped the power notably.
16” rims
Locking front hubs
Rear bench seats

Restoration details…

New transmission and a modified frame to be able to remove crossmember to drop transmission
Rebuilt Superwinch OX 8000lbs winch
Updated quartz headlamps
New Michelin tires
Converted the interior fill gas tank to exterior fill
New seats
New parabolic Springs 1-ton
New Pro Comp performance shocks
Defender door hinges and convex mirrors
New High Torque starter motor
New alternator
New radiator
Added cool door storage
Some Gauges and turn signal switch send out for restoration