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1968 Chevrolet C20
Brookfield, MA, 01596


VIN #: CE248T104005
Engine: V8
Transmission: Manual
Drive Type: RWD
Condition: Mint
Exterior: White
Interior: Orange & Black


I am the second owner of this 1968 Chevy truck with 8' bed RARE Custom Camper that I have had for 50 years this year. It has all the original factory Rolled & pleated naugahyde `Interior. When I had the truck totally restored 3 to 4 years ago, the only part of the interior that needed to be fixed was the seat. I had it totally redone with new springs & everything at a cost of $875.00. It still has it's original factory AM/FM radio, 8 track player, electric brakes for a pull trailer, triple tint windshield, 4 speed on the floor, a 556 gear ratio tow truck rear end, rubber around the 4 fenders, Air Condition which is in the back of the truck right now but is easily hitched up.The Custom Camper is a rare truck. When it was restored they put in all new emergency brake cables, new brakes all around, new brake & gas lines. The gas tank is behind the seat so is still like new. Last year I put a total new front end including tie rod ends, new piston for the power brakes & so on. It has power steering & power brakes. About 2 years ago I put in a 383 stroker, Balanced & Blue Printed with 405 horse power & new over sized radiator, new 12" racing clutch, pressure plate & throw out bearing. The engine has only about 1000 miles on it. The truck has 4 new 10 ply radial 16.5" tires I put on last year The bed of the truck has been Rhino Lined. There is no rust anywhere, & the frame is as nice as when new, no rust. I put on all new running lights (Which were on from the factory) & lenses, new tail light & front lenses, new front bumper, rear bumper made from diamond plate. Two new mufflers last year with an aluminumized exhaust that will last another 50 years. It has a very strong tow hitch welded to the frame put on at the factory when it was new. Everything in the truck is new & it will last another 50 years. I put in all of that money so I could drive the truck in my retirement but I have terminal cancer & that is the reason I am selling my baby. This truck easily pulls a 3000 Lb. slide in camper up a steep grade in 4th gear without even kicking in the 750 cfm 4 bbl. For that reason it isn't that bad on gas because you are always running on the 2 bbl. I have a nice 12' slide in camper That is at my home in New Hampshire near the Canadian border. Ask me about it if you are interested in it for another $4000.00. If you email me I might not see it because I get so many. So please call me if interested in the truck, camper or both. I am located in central Ma.