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1974 Chevrolet SS Nova

Ryde, CA, 95680


Engine: V8
Transmission: 4 speed Manual
Drive Type: RWD
Exterior: Burgundy
Interior: Black


I purchased the car 4 years ago from the 3rd owner. this was an Oregon car. The 2nd owner purchased the car for his nephew's first car. He rebuilt the engine, painted the car and installed a new interior. The 3rd owner got it in a trade and didn't really do anything to the car.

When I got it the fuel gauge didn't work so I dropped the fuel tank to replace the sending unit. It turned out to be a loose connection so the sending unit was fine but I found the factory build sheet taped to the top of the tank. That's why I know it's a factory SS. ( still have the build sheet). I rebuilt the 4 speed and upgraded the shift drums and syncros. I also bought new shift linkage rods because the old rods were bent and misaligned. I also replaced the intake manifold, carburetor, valve covers and distributor ( I replaced the stock points ignition with electronic and high output coil). When I pulled the valve covers I could see that the engine had almost no miles on it because it was clean inside. I replaced the 14" rally wheels with 15" rally wheels with beauty rings and disc brake hub caps and installed new cooper tires. I still have the stock wheels and they go with the car. I replaced the am radio with an AM FM stereo radio(stock looking and fits the original hole) Stock radio also goes with the car. The car had performance mufflers when I bought it but the tail pipes were cut off. I had new tail pipes made and installed to fit the stock position. The car needs a paint job it has rust in the outer rockers, not horrible but I would replace them. It has a small dent in the right front fender and the drivers side quarter panel looks like it was replaced when the car was pretty new because you can see the original paint inside the trunk by the repair. Whoever did the repair didn't properly finish the work it needs to be filled and blocked to make it right. The clear coat is worn through on the top and hood.

I had a stroke 3 years ago so I'm "thinning the herd" that's why the car is being sold. This is a good car for someone to finish, it's an original 350 4 barrel 4 speed factory SS and it's all there and a driver.