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1985 Jaguar XJ
Reno, NV, 89512


Engine: V12
Transmission: Auto
Drive Type: RWD
Condition: Good
Exterior: Gold
Interior: Tan


For sale is my 1985 XJ V12 Jaguar with 46243 original miles. I am the third owner and have had the car for 6 years. Initially imported into the US by a surgeon and Jaguar enthusiast in Reno Nevada, the car has seen little use over the years. Drives impeccably well and is a classic representation of a luxury sedan. This car sat unused in storage for quite a while, and did so in the arid dessert of Nevada..... there is one quarter size spot of rust in the lower center of the rear window, but that is all. As all the rubber had dried out I went in a massive search for all new soft parts and replaced them all.... both fuel cells were removed and boiled. Both front coil overs replaced and all 4 rear struts as well. Brakes and tires as well as fuel pump, battery, valve cover gaskets, crank seal etc....all receipts on hand, this car needs someone to take her to the finish line. Original lacquer paint is cracked and the upholstery has shrunk. I have always kept the vehicle indoors and worked hard to try and save the interior leather. The drivers seat is in poor shape and needs to be re upholstered but the rear bench is good and the front passenger is ok. Sunroof works well and glass is very good. Original magnesium wheels with full size spare. Original tool kit etc....I am totally transparent with my vehicles so if at all interested please contact me and I will honestly speak to anything regarding this car. There are three songs on this vehicle all which happened while in my possession and all while the car was parked....I have always run Joe Gibbs oil and lubricants in this car.... recently serviced and ready to go. Vehicle also add drips small amount of oil. Previous owner resprayed driver side fender.