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1998 Bentley Turbo RT
Pierce City, MO, 65723


VIN #: SCBZP22C4WCX66300
Engine: V8
Transmission: Auto
Drive Type: RWD
Condition: Excellent
Exterior: Sand/Bronze
Interior: Ivory


1998 Bentley Turbo RT, (From Wikipedia)

The Bentley Turbo RT was the last, rarest, most powerful and the most expensive of the Turbo R line. The Bentley RT came with a 400bhp (298kw;496 PS ) 6.75 L V8 engine, as used in the Continental T, which is boosted by a single Garrett AiResearch To4 turbocharger and has a Zvtek EMS/3 management system, developed from Formula 1 racing technology, differing from earlier models with the 'Motronic' systems. It is visually differentiated from other Turbo R models by its sport wheels, radiator mesh grille and color-coded bumpers with bright mesh inserts. Performance was sufficient: with a top speed limited to 150 mph (240km/h), the ultra-luxurious was as fast as the sporting German luxury saloons of the time. The car's base price was US$211,600, or roughly US$65,000 more than the Turbo R. The Turbo RT was produced during 1997 and 1998 only, with 252 units produced (52 left-hand drive). It was essentially a "runout special" in an effort to sell off the last of the Mulsanne-style bodies before the introduction of the Arrange.

I am 94 years old and have had the privilege of owning 12 Bentleys. The first one was 1953 R Type. .( Most people thought it was a Packard.) My latest model Bentley was a 2000 Arrange. I had to take it to Dallas or St Louis to get it repaired. (Both over 250 miles away) Arrange had a trunk full of relays etc. that my local mechanics did not have the equipment to work with. So it had to go.

I had owned a 1996 Turbo RL and had liked it very much. So I started looking for a Turbo RT. Found a great one in Florida with extensive records so I bought it.

During the many years that I have owned thee Bentleys, much of the time I lived over 250 miles from a dealer. I have had most of my work done by local garages. There is not that much difference in the mechanical concepts of a Bentley except they use 6 bolts instead of 4. I would drive the cars to the west coast each winter and have them checked out in Beverly Hills or San Francisco. And you can always get parts quickly from Albers Rolls Royce in Zionsville, IN and they will help you install the parts over the phone.