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2000 Bentley Arnage Red Label 6.75 Rolls-Royce V8 Turbo
North Richland Hills, TX, 76117


VIN #: SCBLC31E4YCX05302
Mileage: 55254
Engine: V8
Transmission: Auto
Drive Type: RWD
Condition: Excellent
Exterior: Black
Interior: Tan Leather


This 2000 Bentley Arnage Red Label was the top-of-the line. This may be the best car Bentley ever built. 6000 pounds of British sedan moves like a 5.0 Mustang and has the coddling luxury of a Lear jet. The artisans who painted this car were at the top of their game. Sure its 18 years old now, but the depth of the finish, the precision of the bodywork, and the hand-ruubbed gloss just can’t be faked, this car still looks insanely expensive. The big Bentley grille is the easy one to recognize and has the mesh insert that denotes the fastest models, and yes, the Red Label does mean there’s a red ‘B’ on the nose of the car.

Nobody can do interiors like the British and the stunning tan leather driver’s compartment of this Bentley is simply stunning. The chairs coddle the passengers, the wood is real burled walnut, there’s nothing that you can touch that doesn’t feel insanely expensive. Big white-faced gauges are simple and elegant, and the controls are neatly arrayed on the center stack. The entertainment system hides out of sight in its own compartment in the center of the dash, previous Rolls-Royce owners, will recognize some of the controls like the seat switches on the console and the eyeball vents in the dash. Everything works and if you get to ride in the back, you’ll find you own A/C controls, fold-down tables and a large amount of legroom. The trunk is likewise large and well-shaped, and offers access to the CD Changer.

The Red Label cars received Crewe’s own six-and-three-quarter liter V8, augmented by a turbocharger. There is limitless torque at any speed and your mind will struggle with the concept of something this big also being this fast. The big Roller V8 has proven its durability over the years and with proper maintenance, it should run practically indefinitely, which is the Bentley way. Stay out of the throttle and it wooshes along in serene silence and never gets cranky, with the slick-shifting ZF automatic transmission always finding just the right gear. Either way, this Bentley is a visceral thrill. The suspension never puts a wheel wrong and the brakes are insanely powerful. 18″ alloys are chrome plated, a little flashy maybe, but why not, and are fitted with 255/50/18 Nitto radials. Last serviced at 55059 mi.

This car is not for just anyone. But if you’re that rare kind of man or woman who understands why this car is special, it will reward you like no other.