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2000 Ford Lightning
Boston, MA, 02117


VIN #: 2FTZFO733YCA71087
Engine: V8
Transmission: Auto
Drive Type: RWD
Condition: Mint
Exterior: Red
Interior: Gray




Always stored inside conditioned space.

I am the second owner. Hard fiberglass bed cover lockable.

I have owned this truck since 2006 and purchased it with 2480 miles + - from a dealer in Saint Louis and had it shipped enclosed trailer to me in Massachusettes. If your looking for a stock lightning this is the one! BRAND NEW. Just changed the oil and the garage thought it was brand new it is so clean!

Logic has little to do with high-performance pickups. Neither the best at truck things like hauling or towing, nor particularly competitive with high-performance cars in the areas of handling or braking, they exist solely as convention-defying, rubber-laying indulgences — and that's exactly what made the Ford F150-based Lighting so much fun. Ford built two generations of them and this supercharged second-gen, two-owner gem is likely one of the best-preserved examples out there, with the seller reporting a mere 4,781 original miles. It is one of 4,966 Lightnings built in 2000. The seller reports acquiring it in 2006 with 2,480 miles on the odometer.


The heart of the second-generation, SVT-tuned Lightning was its unique, supercharged version of the 5.4L Triton SOHC V-8 engine, rated at 360 horsepower in 2000. It was part of Ford's modular, overhead-cam engine family and relied on an Eaton M112 Roots-type supercharger to pump up the horsepower and torque, which helped generate enough of each to shove the 4,700-pound pickup from 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds. Now, that was hauling. The only transmission offered in the 2000 Lightning was Ford's 4R100 four-speed automatic. The seller says the engine and transmission are completely stock and operate as new, with no leaks, seeps or weeps to report.


All second-generation Lightnings were based on the F-150's regular cab/Flareside body style; and this low-mileage example is stunning in its factory Bright Red exterior color, which looks showroom fresh in the photos provided by the seller. All of the paint is original, according to the seller, and is dent, ding and blemish free, apart from a reported pencil tip-sized paint chip on the front air dam, which was one of the Lightning's distinctive design features. Likewise, the 18-inch aluminum wheels and 295/45R18 rubber are in like-new condition. The muscle truck also wears a color-matched hard bed cover, which is its only aftermarket upgrade. The seller reports this garage-kept and covered Lightning is rust free.


Like the exterior, this Lightning's grey-trimmed cabin is factory fresh, with virtually no signs of wear, thanks almost entirely to its low mileage and careful ownership. The upholstery has a suede-like look and feel and unique elements for the Lightning include a specific, SVT-labeled and white-faced gauge cluster featuring a boost gauge and 140-mph speedometer. White-face gauges were sooooo 2000. Like the rest of the truck, the interior appears to be all stock in in like-new condition, with no stains, rips or holes reported by the seller. It also retains the factory sound system. The same goes for the air conditioning system that the seller reports in fine working order.


Twenty years on since the second-generation Lightning's introduction, it still tugs at the heartstrings of enthusiasts for its blend of serious performance and nose-thumbing subversion. It remains justifiably irrational in an all-too serious world — and that's what makes it one of the most-fun vehicles ever to roll out of Detroit. This example is about as close as you might come to buying a brand-new one two decades later.