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2000 Pontiac Trans Am
Mount Laurel, NJ, 08054


VIN #: 2G2FV22GXY2167160
Mileage: 47,796
Engine: V8
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Excellent
Exterior: Bright red
Interior: Black leather


I am the original owner of this 2000 Pontiac WS6 T/A and used it as a fair weather daily driver (babied) for about 5 years when I decided (at approx 35K miles) to make it a high performance project vehicle. For this I choose Fast Motorsports to install a rear mounted STS Turbo System and then had the motor completely rebuilt by Cartek Advanced Engineering to handle the 650 horsepower being delivered to the rear wheels. Afterwards, I selected Corvette Parametics to install a new, Strange S60 3.73 complete Posi rear and all new (Spohn) high performance drive train and suspension components. For the track, I had Micky Thompson Street Slicks installed on custom made 15" racing wheels for the rear along with a pair of light weight "Skinnies" for the front. The car was amazingly fast but a lean fuel condition (faulty GM fuel rail) caused a major failure which forced me to move in a new direction. So in October of 2012, with 46,401 miles on the car, I had Injection Connection design an all new LS7 427 ( Mast Motorsports) short block with 11.0:1 compression ratio. I then cherry picked all the remaining components (new) to complete the build. This included GM LS7 ported and polished heads, FAST intake manifold, fuel rails and 102 mm Big Mouth throttle body along with a custom made 102 mm air box just to name a few. To handle the exhaust requirements for the project I selected Kooks stainless steel long tube headers and MagnaFlow stainless steel cat-back exhaust system. Dale, at Injection Connection assembled, installed and tuned the new motor which put down an amazing 503 HP with 458 Ft Lbs torque to the rear wheels (495 HP was the lowest pull from 3 different Dyno shops). Dale and I then discussed the prospect of installing a Nitrous kit to "put the icing on the cake". Since the FAST intake manifold was equipped with tapable bosses, we decided on the ZEX LSX Direct Port 200 Shot Wet Nitrous System (82032). With RWHP now over 650 HP I considered the project complete. To put it midly, this car is a total beast (not for the "faint of heart"). No kidding, and %100 reliable. Even so with only 47K miles it retains many of its original luxuries and characteristics, inculing all options in perfect working order. And since it has always been garage kept, everything is clean, rust and dirt free from top to bottom. At 20 years old, the paint still looks teriffic, the T-Tops which NEVER leaked, are in perfect shape and of course this car has NEVER been involved in any accidents, big or small. So after 20 years and more than $80K in total investments and very few miles on the new build completed about 5 years ago, I'm selling this amazing car for $20K (the cost of the new motor build and installation alone) to someone who appreciates what it takes to achieve the proven and documented (receipts available) results that I've achieved by dedicating many hours of painstaking research, demand for professional workmanship and installation, parts selection and TLC that has resulted in this "one of a kind" classic. Below I have listed ONLY the parts that are on the car today. If you watch the video be sure to turn up the volume.


Kooks stainless steel Long Tube Headers
MagnaFlow stainless steel Street Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System
Quad Split Rear Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips

Suspension (Corvette Parametics)

(Spohn) Tubular Adjustable Torque Arm W/Front Drive Shaft Loop and Poly Bushings
(Spohn) Tubular Panhard Bar W/Poly Bushings
(Spohn) Rear Lower Control Arms W/Poly Bushings
(Spohn) Tubular Sub Frame Connectors
Bilstein Rear Shocks

Drive Train

Titanium Extremely Heavy Duty Driveshaft
Spec Twin Disk Clutch W/Slave Cylinder
Strange S60 Complete 3:73 Rear W/ABS

Motor (Injection Connection)

Mast Motorsports LS7 427 Black Label Short Block 11.0:1, 24X
24X Reluctor Wheel
4.125" Bore X 4.000" Stroke
Red Series LS2 Single Roller Timing Chain Set
1X Cam Gear (CS1180)
Torque Plate Honed Cylinders
True Surface Decked
Align Honed
Block Coolant and Oil Plugs
Dura Bond Cam Bearings
Callies Forged Crankshaft
Callies Forged H-Beam Rods
Mahle Forged Pistons
ARP Main Studs
LS7 Valley Pan
LS7 GM Ported and Polished Cylinder Heads
FAST LSX-R Cathedral 102mm Big Mouth Intake
FAST 102mm Throttle Body with custom 102mm air box
FAST LSX Billet Fuel Rails
340 LPH Fuel Pump
Street Rod By-Pass Fuel Regulator
Fuel Pump Hot Wire Kit, Returnless fuel system
Programmable Fuel Pump Voltage Booster


Pro 5.0 6 speed Shifter
ZEX LSX Direct Port 200 Shot Wet Nitrous System (82032)
ZEX WOT/RPM Activated 2 Stage Window Switch W/Shift Light Control
Raptor Dual Mode Digital Launch/Shift Light
ZEX Remote Bottle Valve Opener and bottle heater
Nitrous Outlet Console Switch Panel (Arm/Heat, Purge, Bottle Open/Close, Misc)
Pillar Mounted NOS Pressure Gauge
Pillar Mounted Fuel Pressure Gauge
2 Custom Made 15" Rear Racing Wheels W/Mickey Thompson Radial Street Slicks
2 "Skinny" Front Racing Wheels
Dyno Tuned W/Dyno Graphs. Lowest Pull (On Motor Only) 498 RWHP/458 Lb Torque